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  • Online real time access for busy management executives
  • Flexible workflow designer
  • Business process management
  • Approval process and document tracking
  • Support Desk
  • Unifying contact media(e-mail, SMS, help desk database)
  • Call logging via e-mail
  • Monitor Service Level Agreement
  • Track support staff performance
  • Track support cost
  • Manage support team competence
  • Assign call to support staff by proximity to client
  • Easy call monitoring through colour coding
  • Alert via E-Mail and SMS
  • Report scheduling and automatic delivery
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Multiple Service and Location Support:

This allows you to give support on more than one service category and business location. This has great advantage as it streamlines the problem resolution processes. Also, reports can be generated on support activities per service category and location.

Workflow Design and Management:

The internal process of problem resolution and business process is captured in a workflow design and enforced for every call as they are moved from one stage of the workflow to another until resolved

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management:

Through a robust call escalation framework you can configure notifications on calls that are over-staying resolution periods. This can be based on the call status and priority. Notifications are sent when calls stay beyond acceptable periods agreed in service level agreements with clients.

Help Desk Accounting:

From the cost of acquiring components to revenue realized from clients, all are tracked. With these financial tracking, you can monitor how well your help desk is doing financially.

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