A supply chain management application that can handle the operations of a production company, a service oriented organization and a distributor / supplier. It handles issuing and replenishment of stock item, efficient warehouse, prevention of stock out, detailed tracking of the process of ordering, delivery and customer details and their transactions.

Detailed Centra Features

  • Multi-branch control
  • Multi-Unit control
  • Multi-Currency control
  • Integration with Diaphan for accounting
  • Handling of ordering
  • Handling of ordering on stock transfer basis (sales or return)
  • Handling of backordering
  • Handling of item requisition system
  • Handling of stock items in assemblies to aid production process
  • Handling sales, proforma invoicing and POS
  • Interfacing with point of sale devices (POS) e.g. barcode scanner, cash drawer, customer display pole and point of sales printer
  • Handling of services and patronages of such services
  • Handling of Customer and supplier records and transactions
  • Tracking the transition of items from one state to another. This could be as a result of production or intra business transfer of stock
  • Handling of delivery of sales and purchases
  • Handling of stock tacking process. This can be done with long range barcode scanners to facilitate the process.