It manages the income and expenses of corporate organizations and individuals. To achieve this, it handles account receivable and payables through a process of raising journals and vouchers. Accountability is also ensured by tracking and attaching every posting to the staff that performed it and also enforcing a preset transaction limit for each staff. Reports implemented include ledgers, profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance, among others.

Detailed Diaphan Features

  • Creation of custom chart of account
  • Raising of vouchers
  • Raising of journals
  • Multicurrency transaction posting
  • Posting of transactions with authorization level
  • Enforcement of maximum transaction limit of staff
  • Rendering of account ledger, trial balance
  • Preparation of final accounts
  • Asset management
  • Acquisition
  • Depreciation
  • Asset Register
  • Disposal
    • Integration with Centra to handle
    • sales return
    • sales/service
    • outright pay
    • credit sale
    • deposit sale
    • purchase
    • purchase with immediate payment
    • Purchase with pay as sold
    • Back ordering
    • purchases return
    • Stock transfer In and Out (Sales or Return)
      Integration with Thrust to handle
    • Payment of salaries and wages
    • Loans
    • Deductions