Edge TM

An ERP suite of three integrated enterprise solutions enabling you to deliver qualitative service with increased profitability. It is built on an application architecture that ensures responsiveness to changes in real life business environment, scalability, flexibility and data durability.

Suite Components

Diaphan Centra Thrust

Enterprise Tools

Custom Report design

It is a task near impossible to have a software ship with all report requirement of any business. This is not only challenging in terms of delivering reports that captures all the ever growing information needs of a business, it is also impossible to capture the business specific formatting standards. Edge tm gives you the ability to not only redesign reports that the solution ship with but also design new reports. This is to say that all reports that ship with edge were designed with this report design tool. Also, reports generated can be exported into standard and popular file formats like excel, word and comma separated value (csv). With these formats, Edge tm exchanges data seamlessly with other applications.

Data Migration

An average company is at one level of automation or the other. These ranges from ms office application to custom developed solutions. At this stage, your business has probably outgrown these solutions. Switching to Edge tm will not be a challenge. With the data migration tool that ships with Edge tm, gleaning off important data from such legacy systems is ease.

Query Builder

Your business often generates and keeps a lot of data. Searching through this information store for good business decision is vital. Edge tm delivers a great tool that enables you to build and search with conditions based on an average of the data elements captured by the solution. These search conditions can also be saved for reuse.

Data Collection/Document Management

Businesses generate and receive a lot of documents that are either lost or kept in such a way that does not guarantee meaningful usage. To make it worse, they get lost easily through virus attacks and hardware failures because they are hardly backed up. Document Management tool in Edge tm allows your business to keep documents received or generated in association to a business transaction. These documents are not only kept related to the transaction, they are also kept in their versions so as to keep edits and work flow information intact. Also this tool allows for theaddition of custom fields on an average data entity of the solution in other to capture industry and business specific details.

Data Aggregation

From time to time, businesses need to group information with complex parameters. With this tool, Edge tm delivers possibility of grouping data by any number parameters for data analysis.

Application Interface Management

The interfaces of the solution can be reconfigured to reflect industry or business specific names and terms. This reduces the learning curve of the solution and improves ease of use.

Events and Alert System

This is a robust reminder system that is used to track events like expiry date of an item, memorable days of people of concern to the business e.t.c. All events gets delivered to the user of the application based on the set conditions and can also be forwarded as e-mail or SMS.

User Security Manager

This is role based security system that exposes all functionalities of the solution. It enables users to create appropriate roles and group functionalities of the solution under them as desired. These functionalities are them enforced for user under such roles. Additionally, it manages creation of users, management of password expiration and complexity policy.