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Our competence and competitive strength in IT solutions lie in our seasoned and well-qualified repertoire of professionals

Business process automation is our core competence

For over 15 years we have dramatically improved the competetiveness of our clients by focusing on workflow automation, system integration and analytics.

We are perfectly positioned to undertake software projects of any form or magnitude, all developed to world-class standards and benchmarks.

Endear our Flagship Workflow Solution

Cohesion is a vital requirement of a business eager to meet its target and achieve sustainable growth. Essential to a business of any appreciable size are systems for defining, amending and enforcing business processes. The operational arm that meets the business obligations is of great importance, while the information flow within the operations team is also critical. If these three factors fall out of sync, as they often do, profitability and sustainable growth is greatly impacted.

Flexible System Integration

Currently out-of-the-box, Endear integrates with sales processes on SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Magento 2

Industries served

We have provided solutions for these industries


Endear as Order Management System (OMS) increased backoffice operations efficiency across online and brick and mortar stores

after-sales service

Customer Experience improved greatly with ease of tracking support ticket across stages and locations


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