Endear’s primary aim is to synergize users regardless of designation, department or location. With this in mind Endear has been purposely built to scale as the company grows, thereby making it a clear choice for cross-country enterprise. Endear has been successfully adopted by an after-sale service company providing support on behalf of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to resellers and end-users. This company is located in seven locations spread across two countries. Endear successfully managed all locations through one platform. For anonymity, the company would be referred to as TD Plus.


Having to effectively manage all locations was a big problem as these locations were not only dispersed across states/provinces but also cross country. Deploying different applications for each location or country was not a feasible idea, this would have translated to added overhead costs and a detached system across locations. With the adoption of Endear, the same platform was accessible to all locations through the web application. This saved the cost of separate installation.

The company also had a manual method of assigning tasks for each individual in different unit. One of the challenges faced with this method of assignment is the decision of which engineer handles specific jobs. Some engineers specialise in the repairs and troubleshooting of printers, others on laptop. There was the need to appropriately determine the right engineer for a specific job function and notify them accordingly. With the adoption of Endear, sub–units were created in the system such that, for every task.


Summarily, Endear was able to drastically reduce the running cost for seven (7) different locations; centralizing all locations as though they were one, with no location(s) serving as a Single Point of Failure (SPOOF), maximize resources from one location to another, improve efficiency and productivity of employees and increase synergy across users, locations and countries.