Unifying Tasks, Business Processes and User Interaction


It is one thing to have your business processes documented in an operations manual; it is another to enforce it. It is also almost practically impossible to keep up with the changes required in an ever-dynamic business environment. With endear workflow designer, you can design and continuously redesign your business processes and the enforcement is automatic.


Often time tasks require specific information as input which in-turn determines how each task is treated. It may come in form of customer preferences. Endear allows you capture this through a form designer. Be it numbers, text, multi-value options, images and file attachments. It also allows you to set what is required and optional. Functions that evaluates based on other values to guide decision-making is also available.


This allows building messages as either plain text or responsive HTML. You can embed task values from specific tasks to send as specialised messages or reports for printing. Endear has a WYSIWYG editor to enable you build messages and embed values visually. Report templates are attachable to relevant stages of the workflow for printing.


Endear has five hooks for messaging and notification per stage, status or priority. It allows you to send messages on entry and/or on exit with three cycles of expiration messages. These messages are configurable per recipient group. It can be setup as on-screen notifications, e-mail or SMS.


Currently out-of-the-box Endear integrates with sales processes on SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Magento 2. However, our form based integration architecture makes it easy to integrate with any system of choice. Wired to their respective processing stage, such integration will not disrupting the overall workflow.


Endear allows you to build rules based on which tasks will be assigned to stages and priorities. In addition, it is possible to tag tasks based on rules. Tags are markers that differentiates tasks based on their peculiarities. It makes it easier to visually spot tasks that fall into particular groups.


Members of staff and customers alike can have secure and restricted access to this platform. With configurable roles, you can determine operations accessible to each user group. Additionally, you can build rules around data. Ultimately, this determines data that is viewable by each user group or a specific user.


Endear ships with a user profile based BI designer that allows you to design and group related charts together with respect to user groups. This serves as user dashboards that reveal key performance indicators at a glance.


Endear has direct messaging feature that allows for real time communication between online users. It also supports deep linking feature that enables you to discuss a task, customer, product or staff. Once you supply the code of any of these, it turns to a link that gives more detail of the supplied code.


Guarantees your access to a full history of your customer activities. Every patronage logged against the customer is easily accessible through timeline view. Additionally, Endear integrates with asterisk PBX with Web based Real Time Communication (Web RTC). This enable logging of customers’ call history.

Customers’ anniversaries are tracked and personalised messages can be sent on due dates of such anniversaries. Furthermore, you can set relationships between customers to aid marketing decision.